Ignorant Voters Have Inflicted Grievous Damage

It's getting really bad in this country.  Joblessness and economic inequality are increasing as the expanding chasm between the wealthy few and the rest of us becomes worse. 

Meanwhile, voters last November traveled the road to self-destruction by electing right wing GOP House members hell bent on creating an even more corporate controlled government and determined to eliminate the common good. 

Why are they electing these crazy, destructive politicians?

David Michael Green writes at CommonDreams: "What I do know is that we’ve spent the last generation or so hell-bent to self-destruct.  And what I do know is that the deeper we get into our self-inflicted pit of national devastation, the more – not less – we turn to the same ideas, brought to us by the same discredited monsters, and inquire, “Thank you sir, may I have another?”  The tea party troglodytes are only the most recent manifestation of that peculiar American addiction to global and self-destruction.  After McCarthy we went for Nixon.  After Nixon we went for Reagan.  After Reagan we stooped so low we put the Caligula Kid in the White House.  Twice.

"...Who says to the wife on election day, “Honey, be sure to pull the lever for the guys who want to rape our family and leave us in the ditch, naked, jobless, impoverished and homeless!”?  Who thinks to himself, “Why should I have a tiny little suburban house and a ten year-old rusted Chevy when thousands of millionaires each day suffer the humiliating stigma of not being billionaires?  Let me vote for the nice people who will hand my meager earnings up to the overclass.”  Who sits there and thinks, “Those guys sure messed up bad last time, but maybe if they double down on their plans it’ll get a lot better for people like me!”?  Who thinks, “My unemployed, uneducated, Walmart worker 30 year-old kids are so spoiled!  I want a government that won’t pamper them so much.”?

"The same people who brought you McCarthy and Nixon, who exploded the national debt, who have presided over thirty years of transfer of wealth from all of us to the rich, who told us how great and easy the Iraq invasion would be, who blew up the economy, and who have pretended that climate change is a hoax – these same people are now standing before us insisting that public sector unions (about the only kind remaining after they destroyed the others as well) have to go.  Apart from the lunacy of the argument itself, my question is why are these people standing before us at all?  Why aren’t they in jail?  Why aren’t they at least minimally hated for their crimes?  Why did they win huge in the last election cycle?

"Here’s a clue from a New York Times article this week:  “Rich Hahn worked at the General Motors plant here [in Wisconsin] until it closed about two years ago.  He moved to Detroit to take another G.M. job while his wife and children stayed here, but then the automaker cut more jobs.  So Mr. Hahn, 50, found himself back in Janesville, collecting unemployment for a time, and watching as the city’s industrial base seemed to crumble away.  Among the top five employers here are the county, the schools and the city.  And that was enough to make Mr. Hahn, a man who has worked at unionized factories, a supporter of Gov. Scott Walker’s sweeping proposal to cut the benefits and collective-bargaining rights of public workers in Wisconsin, a plan that has set off a firestorm of debate and protests at the state Capitol.

"So, let me see here.  Right-wing trade policies led to Mr. Hahn’s jobs going overseas.  But left-wing unemployment insurance helped save him from poverty.  And now he backs a right-wing plan to crush public sector unions because those are the main jobs left, after corporations exported private sector jobs to Thailand and China???  Brilliant.  A true, red-blooded American."

And illogical, unbelievably ignorant voters can be found across this country, especially in (but limited to) states with GOP dominated legislatures and governors' mansions, for example, Indiana. where self-destructive voters placed Bush's former budget director, Mitch Daniels, into the governor's office. 

As Blue Texan at Firedoglake writes: "
......the Bush administration’s economic record is one of the worst in history, certainly the worst in modern history, and Daniels played a key role in it. I mean, this is a guy who predicted that the Iraq War would cost $60B. Why should he be taken seriously about anything, ever again?"  

Yet, what Green calls the "surprising human capacity for stupidity" is apparently endemic among voters throughout the nation who continue to place these democracy killing, corporate stooges (from both parties) into elective office to inflict ongoing damage and destruction on this country and its people.


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